Avoid These Food Items If You Have A Sore Throat And Cold


Winter winds have started to blow and they never come alone. Certainly, they are accompanied by problems like the cold and sore throat. Hey, I pass my love to everyone reading this blog and if you are wondering who I am, I'll like to introduce myself proudly as a reputed Nutritionist In Delhi - Shreya Katyal. The purpose of writing this blog was to educate people about the food that they must avoid if they are having a cold or a sore throat.

  • Yoghurt - Though it is a very useful food product and its richness in probiotics make it a healthy item to be added in diet, but in chilly weather, it can worsen your cold issue as it can thicken the phlegm accumulated in your chest.
  • Citrus Fruits - What to do when life gives you lemons? In summer you can turn it into lemonade and enjoy a quick glass of refreshing drink, but in winters you just throw it away. Oranges and lemons might come with many benefits, but it also irritates a sore throat during winters.
  • Milk - Every coin has two faces and so thus the milk. Though this dairy product helps in improving bone density, it is better to stay away from it during winters. Why? It increases temporary inflammation and also worsens the mucous.

With adapting these changes, you are ready to beat the winters like a boss. If you were waiting for someone who can provide efficient Online Diet Consultation In Delhi through my website - Diets & More I can happily be that 'someone'. You can trust my services if you want to befriend your health, I won't disappoint you. Call me to know more.