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Diet for Weight Loss

Want to lose your weight? But don't want to go on a crash diet? If yes, so, Diets & More and Dt. Shreya Katyal suggest you the best Diet For Weight Loss that give great results without affecting your health adversely. Be in touch to know more and get ready to fit into your old pair of jeans.

Diet For Weight Gain    

I am Shreya Katyal as the owner and dietitian at Diets & More have the customized Diet For Weight Gain to help different people. If you want to gain your weight in a healthy way, so, keep in touch. It's easy, call on the given numbers or drop-in a mail directly to the inbox to get instant reverts.

Diet For Diabetes

Are you a diabetic patient? Tired of your daily struggle what to eat, what not to? Don't worry, I am Dt. Shreya Katyal here to suggest the Healthy Diet For Diabetes, so, you can eat the right food that controls your sugar in a healthy way. Drop in a mail or call directly to fix your appointment, else enroll yourself in the online consultation. 

Diet For Thyroid

Is your thyroid making you fat? Don't give up, walk-in to Diets & More. Dt. Shreya Katyal is here to suggest you the best Diet For Thyroid that helps you burn the extra kilos in the easiest possible way. 

Diet For Hypertension And Cholesterol

Wondering how to lower Cholesterol? Dt. Shreya Katyal suggests the Diet For Cholesterol that will help you fight the problem. Walk-in directly Diets & More to get your plan as per your body need.

Diets & More 

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