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Dt. Shreya Katyal

Dt. Shreya Katyal

I, Shreya Katyal, Dietitian and Founder of Diets & More, try to promote a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating. I am more than happy to direct people with the right path that not only helps them in losing their weight but also take care of your health in a natural way. Being an experienced Dietitian In Rajouri Garden, Delhi, I customize each diet plan as per the need of my clients/patients. I always make sure that the diet plans I suggest never affect your daily lifestyle, and are very much in sync with your eating habits, so that one doesn't have to go out of the way to follow the diet given.

Dietitian In West Delhi

If you want to take your first step toward safety, so, it is important to consult a nutritionist or dietitian that recommends you the right path to stay healthy without going on crash diets. And I am Shreya Katyal as the Best Dietitian In West Delhi have a great reputation in serving the best diet plan to boost up your health. Walk-in to my clinic Diets & More for face to face consultation, but don't forget to fix the appointment first.

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