The Ayurvedic Secrets For A Flatter Tummy


Ayurveda is the most adored child of Mother Nature as it helps the other of its children generously. It is often said that Ayurveda is sister philosophy to yoga, regarded as the science of life or longevity, it preaches about the power and the cycles of nature and its multifarious elements. As modernism is growing, people have started to snub the power of Ayurveda and that is leading to their own harm. I am Shreya Katyal, a respected Dietitian In Delhi who feels that Ayurvedic ways can help in achieving a well-balanced body with not too much or too less of weight.

If you have been finding natural solutions that can actually help in reducing weight without any side-effects, you shall continue to read the blog till the end.

  • Fenugreek Seeds - It is known to improve digestion, which further helps in weight loss. Soak the seeds overnight in the water and the next day, drink the seed-water and chew the seeds on an empty stomach for better metabolism.
  • Triphala - Toxins make our body contaminated in many senses, weight gain being one. Triphala helps in the release of toxins and improving the digestive system. It is a churan made using Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. You must have it 2 hours after having dinner for easy weight-loss.
  • Dalchini (Cinnamon) - It is a famous spice that is found in almost every Indian kitchen. Dalchini has some essential properties which help in the shedding of weight. Drink lukewarm water with cinnamon powder early in the morning and see the visible effects in a short term.

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