Ideal Health Guide For The New Moms


Turning into a mother is a merrymaking experience and at the same time a roller-coaster of indifferent emotions. One might not be habitual of handling the baby all day and performing the other tasks, side by side. The child will consume more than three-quarters of your time and it can result in loss of sleep and food. Hey, I am Shreya Katyal, a Nutritionist In Dubai here to present some good habits that are entirely dedicated to the new moms and, it will guide three essential steps that you need to take for yourself as your body must have turned weak after the delivery.

  • Consume More Liquids: Water and other liquids are essential in this period and especially, in the women who are breastfeeding. You can have apple juice, coconut water and other drinks that are easy to be consumed by your body.
  • Keep Moving: The feeling of lethargy in new moms is a common thing to see, but not the best one. After your delivery, you need some time to rest and your body demands this time to normalise itself, but the number of the rest days must not be outstretched. You need to keep moving in order to stay active. Going on a short walk will be a good practice to do.
  • Eat Healthy: It might sound like an obvious thing but after turning into a recent mother, it is not that obvious. The meals are missed when you put all your attention on the baby. Your child undoubtedly needs your attention but so does your health. Take advantage of the little snap times of your kid and prepare and eat the meal on time.

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