COVID-19: Stay Healthy With This Immunity Boosting Foods


COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can catch anyone, but our elders are more prone to getting affecting by it. And the reason behind is weak immunity. At old age, their immunity is not much stronger, which increase their chances of getting infected. There is no such claim, but due to their age and weak immunity, it's advised to take extra care of them. However, the disease not only spread in older, but people of all ages. So, we all should be extra careful and concerned. Being a Nutritionist, I, Shreya Katyal, am here to share diet changes and recommending foods that can work as an immunity booster for now. Try to indulge them in your diet to boost your immunity.

  • Include Immunity Boosting Foods: Foods that are rich in beta carotene, Vitamin C, E and even Zinc can help to create a wall of immunity and increase one's ability to fight against the infection.
  • Go Green: Green vegetables like Kale, Broccoli and Spinach are a few of many food items that can increase the immune system's infection-fighting ability. Therefore, you should indulge such super-foods in your diet.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking 8-9 glasses of water daily can make a difference and improve your health. This may even keep your mucous membranes moist, which minimize your risk of catching a cold and flu. For staying hydrated, you can drink normal water, coconut water, green tea etc.

Besides eating healthy, one thing that can help to boost your immunity is exercise. Exercise is important. Older people can too try easy exercises without putting so much strain on their body. Just don't go outside, follow the guidelines of your local authority and stay fit. If you need a proper diet plan as per your body type, contact me at Diets & More for Online Diet Consultation. Give me a call or Whatsapp your enquiry. I am right here to assist you and provide a healthy diet plan that helps you stay fit and happy.