Boost Your Immunity With Spices And Herbs


Your immunity plays a vital role in ensuring your overall health and if you want to be healthy, you should boost it. During this of Corona time and even after that, it is important to have a strong immune system so your body can fight with infections and keep you protected. And doing so is no rocket science, the secret to your health is right in your kitchen. My name is Shreya Katyal, being a Nutritionist in Dubai, I am right here to introduce you with secret healthy ingredients hidden in your kitchen. So, without any delays, let's check it out.

Ginger: Since ancient times, Ginger has its use in traditional medicines for treating several common illnesses like vomiting, cold, nausea etc. due to its health-boosting benefits. It's antibacterial and considered as the best choice that supports the immune system. Therefore, you should indulge it in your diet. You can use it in cooking or drink ginger tea for absorbing all its benefits.

Turmeric: Another spice known for its immunity-boosting property is Turmeric. It increases the immunomodulating capacity of the body that further support our immune system and keep us healthy.

Garlic: Garlic is a herb that contains numerous compounds which are considered to be the best for boosting the immune system and its ability to fight against the germs. Therefore, you should incorporate it into your diet for reaping all its health benefits.

Thyme: Another herb that can make a difference and boost your immunity is Thyme. Packed with Vitamin C, this herb can meet the need of your body and take good care of you.

These are a few herbs and spices that considered healthy for the immune system. However, it is important to be very strict about the quantity. So, make sure you take expert advice before making any changes in your diet. If you need Online Diet Consultation, reach me at Diets & More. Call or Whatsapp your queries to get my instant support. I'd be glad to help you.